Sunday, April 3, 2016

Interior - flap actuator, seat belts and seat brackets

Finished off a few more interior items before I rivet  the rear and center fuselage together.

Installed the flap actuator. The Sling 4 instructions on the actuator show Sling 2 components, but nonetheless it was straightforward to figure out how to install it.  Although I had previously installed the flap actuator support bracket, I ended up drilling those out to facilitate working on the actuator.  I started by bolting the actuator to the brackets, and then riveting the brackets into place.  The kit is supplied with 3 thin and three normal washers - use the three normal washers on the forward bracket, and the three thin washers on the rear attachment.  A small 9 volt battery had enough juice in it for me to extent the actuator far enough to enable bolting it to the flap torque tube.

Forward portion of the flap actuator bolted  to the support brackets using a castle nut and cotter pin.
Flap actuator installed.  I ended up drilling out the brackets to 4.8 mm rivets.
I then started playing around with the front seat belts.  Installation of these requires that you fully unwind the belt from the spool so that you can thread the belt through the slots in the side channels.  The instructions have a few photos on this that are pretty clear.  The spool appears to be held in place using a single bolt that goes through the side of the fuselage.  It took me a while to figure it out, but I finally saw that the forward front seat belt attachment point gets riveted to the the landing gear support channel.  The final front seat belt attachment point is in the canopy, which I do not have yet.

Bolt for the front seat seatbelt spool

Front seat belt spool in location after threading the seat belt through the slots in the
side channels and rewinding the belt on the spool
Forward attachment point for the front seat base - this will be riveted to the fuselage
and landing gear support bracket
I then spent some time trying to identify where the rear seat stop and support bracket go.  After a number of tries, I finally identified a location that seemed to make sense - I will need to verify with TAF on this location (NOTE- verified this is the correct positioning), but the rivet holes do seem to (mostly) line up.

Proposed location for the rear seat stop and support bracket -  looking from the inside.
Location needs to be verified with TAF (NOTE: verified this is the correct position).
Proposed location for the rear seat stop and support bracket -  looking from the exterior. 
Location needs to be verified with TAF.

In preparation for riveting the side skins on, I also attached the interior skins to ensure they fit properly.  Once they were in place I was able to identify the location for the CF-CVR-003 cover plates - will need to install a couple more rivnuts for their attachment, but at least I know where they go now.  This leaves CF-CVR-002 as the only fuselage components that I have not identified the location of - have a question into TAF to figure out where they go.  I also riveted the support channels on the rear floor foot support so that it is ready to be riveted in its final location (which I will hold off doing for a while).

Right side forward interior skin.

Right side rear interior skin (with rear seat in position as well).
Location for CF-CVR-003 - a few rivnuts will be needed in the underlying ribs to allow
removal of the cover for inspections.
Support channels riveted to the rear seat footwell.