Sunday, February 7, 2016

Starting the fuselage - center assembly

Center assembly construction started with verification of the proper torquing of the main spar assembly.  As with the other components, a dry run fitting of the center fuselage was very helpful to help understand the interrelationships of all the components and to assess how much  space was available for riveter access.

The actual center fuselage construction started with riveting and bolting the rear spar assembly together.  Seatbelt brackets were then installed on the the seat ribs and the rear spar and ribs were riveted to the rear center skin.  The main spar was then clecoed to the forward center fuselage skin and the forward and rear assemblies were joined via the the undercarriage channel. The center console, rudder pedals, firewall and side skins were then clecoed together to verify the fit.

Fuselage construction is currently stalled while I await shipment of replacement parts.

Verifying proper torquing of the main spar assembly.
Riveting and bolting the rear spar components.
Riveting the seatbelt brackets on the seat support ribs
Riveting the rear spar assembly and ribs to the rear floor skin.

Clecoing the front and rear spar assemblies via the undercarriage channel.
Center fuselage components clecoed in position.

Riveting rear spar assembly

Clecoing the center fuselage control stops is position. 
Clecoing the front fuselage bottom skin to the main spar.

Riveting the center console seat brackets. Although I an not sure if it was required, after taking
this photo, I drilled out the rivets with tails in the undercarriage channel and installed
them the opposite direction, with the smaller, smoother heads in the undercarriage channel.

Undercarriage assembly was riveted using countersunk rivets.
Clecoing the center console
Clecoing the rudder pedal assembly
Clecoed front console assembly, rudder pedals, and firewall.
Side view of the front fuselage assembly.
Testing the forward fuselage side skin fit.
Front fuselage side skins and firewall test fit.
Lots of rivnuts required for the center console assembly.
Front and rear fuselage assemblies waiting for replacement parts to enable completion.

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