Sunday, February 7, 2016

Seat Construction

The Sling 4 seats four people on three seats -  two front seats for one person each, and a rear seat for 2 passengers.

Seat construction is simple, but there are a few points to keep in mind when building the front seat adjusters.  Prior to riveting any components of the front seat seat adjuster, cleco it together onto the front seat base.  Doing so one can immediately see that all the rivets on one side of the adjuster pass through the seat base as well, so only side of the adjuster is riveted prior to installation on the seat base.

I need a couple replacement components prior to finishing the seats, but they are essentially done for now.  The seats will be covered with foam and leather prior to flying.

Front seat adjusters.  After taking this photo I realized that only one side is riveted
prior to joining to the front seat base.  Therefore all the rivets you see
 in this photo needed to be drilled out.
Front seat backs - these will be attached to the front seat bases using the
hinges at the bottom of the photo.   
Rear seat back showing the interior channels
Completed rear seat back.

Rear seat base and back.  I need a couple replacement components to
finish the seat base.  Also note that holes for the angle bracket were not drilled
in the sides - this will be easy to add once I affix the replacement parts.

Here are the front seat bases with the seat adjusters riveted.
 Note that  a previous photo I had posted had the adjuster riveted on the wrong side - this photo is correct.


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