Monday, January 19, 2015

Continuing on the Wing Kit

 Had a wonderful holiday season - visit with family and lots of quality time down in the workshop.

I continued progress on the ailerons and flaps - deburring, priming, and riveting.  Overall, the process went smoothly - the test fitting identified a few ribs that needed to be fluted, and the flanges on a couple ribs needed to be tweaked a bit to allow for the rivet holes to fully line up for riveting. I also found that there was a hole missing in the skin of both the left and right flaps where a rivet was intended to join with one of the flanges of Rib 1.  I used an ultra-stubby bit in my 90 degree drill to access the tight location and drilled the holes without issue.

The riveting itself went well.  I did have one rivet mandrel that broke off above the rivet head and therefore needed replacing - of course it was one of the rivets along the flap hinge bracket so access was very tight.  I very carefully ground the top of the rivet and mandrel flat with a rotary tool. Once I had a flat surface to work with, it was simple to drill off the rivet head and punch the tail through the skin.

After completion of the flaps and ailerons I moved on to work on the wing structure.  Not a lot of visible progress, but lots of effort pulling the protective plastic of all the wing ribs and subs-structure and deburring all the edges and holes.  After many hours, all the wing sub-structure (other than the light unit)  is cleaned and deburred and ready for test-fitting.  That done, it was time to dig one of the wing spars out of the box and get it set up for any required deburring - was exciting to see the spar spread across the workshop!

Next steps will be to clean up the spar edges a bit, and then put together the wing jigs and try a test fit of all the wing components.  Test fit will be especially important for the wings as I want to finalize the locations of the wiring runs for all the lights and the pitot tube lines before setting any rivets.

Aileron and flap components cleaned, degreased and ready for priming.
Aileron and flap sub-structure primed and ready for riveting.
Aileron sub-assemblies ready for riveting.  Note that I have not yet clecoed the pentagon-like
assembly (aileron hinge bracket 3)  on the bottom of the two pictures on the right since one of
the rivets on the other assembly (bracket 2) cannot be accessed with bracket 3 in place.
Flap sub-assemblies ready for riveting. Bushings on the hinge brackets are still covered with tape
that I put on to protect them during priming
Saw the missing skin hole as I was clecoing the flap structure together prior to riveting - the gap
looked odd and after investigating, it was clear that a rivet is required there
Using the 90 degree drill with an ultra-stubby bit to drill the missing hole in skin,
 using the hole in the rib flange as a guide.
Aileron and flap skins ready for riveting
Bottom of one flap riveted
Ailerons and flaps completely riveted
Pulling the protective plastic from the ribs - sometimes it comes off smoothly in one piece, sometimes not 
Checking to see how the wing rib sub-assemblies fit together
Wing sub-structure all deburred and cleaned - ready for a test fit
before degreasing and priming
Getting out the wing spar for any required deburring - it is long!

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