Sunday, September 21, 2014

First Month Complete!

The first month of building has come to a close, and after spending the first few weeks of doing preparatory work, I have finally started to set some rivets.

I started construction with the horizontal stabilizer (HS).  It was very straight-forward to put together and no issues came up as it was riveted.  I have only riveted one side of the skins because I have a tech counselor who will be visiting in the next week to review my work to date - after his inspection I'll close out the other side of the skins.

After completing one side of the HS, I moved on to the rudder.  Similarly, no particular issues arose building the rudder skeleton and riveting one side of the skins. As with the HS, I've leave the other side of the skins non-riveted until the tech counselor drops by.

Next on the list will be the vertical stabilizer (VS)  - stay tuned for an update on that, including mounting a VOR antenna.

See below for some photos of progress over the last couple weeks.

Horizontal stabilizer clecoed and
rivets positioned, ready to be set

The very first rivet set!
Horizontal stabilizer skeleton complete
One side of horizontal stabilizer skin riveted
Rudder skeleton riveted - note the counterweight
One side of rudder skin riveted

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